CRM Content Management - Textmill


Have you already tried some workflow optimization systems, but they do not meet your needs?

You order text-based content… lots of it?

Are you up to your eyes with Google Docs?

Are you constantly missing out on important correspondence? You get to deal with unreceived, missed, discarded and lost messages?

Are you wasting your time trying to figure out who is causing delays – the writer or the editor?

Do you get involved in conflict resolution between writers and editors?

Do you constantly collaborate with at least 5 writers, locally or remotely?

There is a solution for work optimization of the content department! We will let you give it a thorough test.

Textmill review

TextMill is a solution that was created to cover own needs by the content studio WordFactory

An agency with 11 years of experience and a portfolio that includes the largest digital and e-commerce companies

What it means for you

  • It means fewer employees in the content department. A team of 50 people can be easily controlled by one manager. Not 2, not 3, not 5. Just one!
  • It means less hassle for you, no more "Oops, it wasn’t me, it’s the editor’s fault!"
  • It is transparency. The writer always knows how much he or she earned, you always know how much salary has to be paid, the deadline for every task, whether the writer saw the task, and so on.
  • It means less routine and more creativity. Your writers will write, editors will edit, SEO specialists will set and receive tasks.
  • It means payments to 50 writers in 1 hour, not 8 hours.
  • No more struggle with Google Docs, figuring out statuses of tasks, or other useless work.
  • It means a clear understanding of writers’ workload, deadlines, as well as budget revenues and expenditures based on your content project.

Just recall when you bought a robot vacuum...

TextMill is like bringing a robot vacuum to the content department. And you don't need to come up with a name.