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User Agreement

1.    Terms of Use of the Website

1.1. This User Agreement (hereinafter — Agreement) is an offer to use the website (hereinafter — Site) concluded between the Site Administration and a natural person, including representatives of legal entities (hereinafter — User) and regulating the terms of data submission by the User for publication on the Site.

1.2 The Site User is any individual who has previously accessed the Site, provided that he/she has reached the age sufficient for accepting this Agreement.

1.3 The User undertakes to study this Agreement in full prior to registration on the Site. During registration, the User fully and unconditionally accepts the Agreement. If the User does not agree with this Agreement, he/she must immediately stop using the Site.

1.4 The Site Administration has the right to unilaterally change and/or amend the Agreement without prior notice to the User. These Rules belong to publicly available documents and are in free access.

1.5 This Agreement implies mutual rights and obligations of the Site Administration and the User.

2. Order of use of the Site 

2.1. The Site allows users to view and download published materials solely for personal, noncommercial use. It is strictly forbidden to change the materials published on the Site and distribute them for public and commercial purposes.

2.2 The User undertakes to provide up-to-date and valid personal information and contact data in the course of creating an account on the Site.

2.3 During registration on the Site, the User is provided with a login and password. The User is personally responsible for the security of these confidential data.

2.4 The User has the right to contact the Site Administration with questions, requests, and complaints. At the same time, the User is personally responsible for the fact that a particular appeal is legitimate, is not a threat, does not violate copyrights, does not discriminate against people on any grounds, does not contain offensive information, and does not otherwise violate the current Ukrainian legislation.

3. Personal Data of the User 

3.1. The Site Administration respectfully and responsibly treats the confidential data of every natural person who became a visitor of the Site. By accepting this Agreement, the User agrees to the collection, processing, and use of the User data according to the provisions of the Personal Data Protection Act and the Site Administration Rules for Protection of Personal Data. The User also grants permission to the Site Administration to collect, use, transfer, process, and maintain the data related to the User’s personal account in the process of the provision of the stated services.

3.2. The Site Administration undertakes to collect only personal data provided voluntarily by the User if the information is required for the provision of the claimed services to the User or improvement of their quality.

3.3 The Site Administration collects basic personal data (name, surname, patronymic, address, e-mail) and secondary technical data (cookies, connection data, system data).

3.4 The User agrees that the privacy of the information transferred via the Internet is not guaranteed provided that access to the information is granted to the representatives of the third party outside the area of operation of the software at the disposal of the Site Administration. The Site Administration is not responsible for the damage caused by any unauthorized access of that kind.

3.5. The Site Administration has the right to use any data collected through the Site to improve the Site, its content, in the course of updating and transmission of information to the User on request, for marketing, research, and other purposes that do not contradict the current Ukrainian legislation.

4. The following is strictly forbidden on the Site

4.1. Calls to violently change or overthrow the constitutional order, seize state power; calls to change the administrative and state borders of Ukraine, violate the order established by the Constitution of Ukraine; calls to conduct arson, massacres, seizure of buildings and structures, destruction of property, forced eviction of citizens; calls for aggressive actions and unleashing armed conflicts.

4.2 Direct and indirect insults to citizens, including political and government officials, journalists, and other users, in particular those on national, ethnic, racial, religious grounds, chauvinistic statements.

4.3 Statements that contain profanity as well as those that are sexual, erotic, pornographic in nature.

4.4 Any behavior that offends the authors of published materials and all users of the Site.

4.5 Statements that intentionally provoke a violent reaction from other users of the Site.

4.6 Publications of advertising or commercial nature, messages that are not informative and not related to the subject matter of the Site if such publications and messages are not authorized by the Site Administration.

Any messages and actions prohibited by the current Ukrainian legislation.

4.8 Attempts by the User to pass himself/herself off as another person, a representative of any community and/or organization without appropriate rights or permissions, including the employees and owners of the Site, intentionally misleading other Users in terms of characteristics and properties of various subjects and objects.

4.9 Publication of materials by the User, which, under the current law or other contractual obligations, he/she has no right to make publicly available, as well as materials that violate patent, trade secret, copyright, trademark, and other proprietary rights and/or copyrights and allied rights of third parties.

4.10. Publication of advertising content by the User without obtaining permission from the Site Administration, spam, “pyramids,” “chain letters;” content that contains computer codes that can help gain unauthorized access, disrupt, restrict, or destroy computer or telecommunications software and programs, as well as data allowing unauthorized access to paid services on the Internet (serial numbers, logins, passwords, and other means)

4.11. Accidental or intentional violation of any local, state, or international regulations.

5. Limitation of liability of the Site Administration

5.1. The Site Administration is not responsible for misprints, inaccuracies, and mistakes that may be found in content posted on the Site. The Site Administration is making every effort to ensure that the information on the Site is correct and reliable.

5.2 The information published on the Site is constantly updated and may at any time become outdated. The Site Administration is not responsible for the outdated information on the Site and the inability of the User to obtain the updated data posted on the Site.

5.3 The Site Administration is not responsible for the opinion of Users expressed in comments and reviews. The Site Administration may have opinions different from those of Users. The Site Administration has taken all measures to prevent the publication of comments and reviews that violate the current Ukrainian legislation and moral standards.

5.4 The Site Administration is not responsible for any potential unlawful actions of the User in relation to third parties or potential unlawful actions of third parties in relation to the User.

5.5. The Site Administration is not responsible for any statements of various kinds made by the User, which have been posted on the Site.

5.6. The Site Administration is not responsible for potential or actual damages, losses, and expenses incurred as a result of use or inability to use the Site.

5.7 The Site Administration is not responsible for the loss of access to the User’s personal account on the Site.

5.8. The Site Administration is not responsible for the incomplete, incorrect, inaccurate provision of personal data by the User in the process of account creation on the Site.

5.9. In case of difficulties when using the Website, disagreement with certain sections of User Agreement, receiving inaccurate, offensive, or other information of unacceptable content from third parties, please apply to the Site Administration for the analysis of the case, fixing of the problem and elimination of the resulting flaws, restrictions and prevention of publishing of undesirable information on the Site, and also when it is necessary to restrict access or fully terminate the obligations to provide services of the Site to each User who purposely violates this Agreement and proper operation of the Site.

5.10. The Site Administration has the right to delete content published on the Site, take technical and legal measures in relation to Users who, in the opinion of the Site Administration, cause difficulties for other Users in their use of the Site and intentionally violate the provisions of the present Agreement.

6. Order of the Agreement

6.1.  The present Agreement is a contract. The Site Administration has the right to amend the current Agreement and introduce a new one. Amendments come into effect from the moment they are posted on the Site. Further use of the Site’s content by the User automatically indicates acceptance of the changes of the Agreement.

6.2 This Agreement becomes valid at the moment of the first visit of the User to the Site and remains valid for the entire period of the use of the Site by the User.

6.3 The Site is an item of intellectual property of the Site Administration. The Site Administration is the owner of all exclusive proprietary copyrights to the Site. The User has the right to use the Site solely in accordance with the Agreement and the current Ukrainian legislation in the sphere of intellectual property rights.

6.4 All names and trademarks referred to by the publications of the Site are property of the corresponding companies.

6.5 The User undertakes not to repeat, not to reproduce, not to copy any elements of the Site, except for situations when the User has obtained the permission of the Site Administration.

6.6 The regulation and interpretation of the presented Agreement shall be performed according to the current Ukrainian legislation. The questions that are not regulated by the Agreement provisions are resolved according to the current Ukrainian legislation.

Protection of personal data

Dear User! To register, create an account on our website, and use various services of our website, you must enter your personal data. When you provide your personal data, you agree to its processing in accordance with the Law of Ukraine On Personal Data Protection as well as the Rules of the Site Administration on the protection of personal data, which were agreed and approved by the Site Administration. The Site Administration has the right to use personal data for marketing purposes in the process of providing services.

The agreed and approved Rules according to the Law of Ukraine “On Personal Data Protection”

In the course of registration on the Site (в hereinafter — Site), creation of a personal account, and/or registration to use the Site’s services, the User gives its consent to the Site Owner to process the User personal data (name, gender, age, place of residence, date and place of birth, contact information under the condition that such information is correct and relevant).

The User gives consent to the owner of the Site to perform the required operations in the automated information system and/or files containing personal information, which register, store, adapt, modify, update, use and distribute (sell, transfer), depersonalize, destroy the relevant personal data and information about the User as a natural person.

The User also grants the Site owner the right to independently determine the procedure of using the User’s personal data (including the procedure of using personal data by Site specialists according to their professional, service, employment duties), the procedure of protection and distribution, the procedure of providing access to databases, and transferring the right to process personal data to other parties dealing with personal data. The User gives the owner of the Site the listed rights to comply with the requirements of the current Ukrainian legislation in the sphere of personal data protection.